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Air Conditioning, Heating, Dehumidification, Air Purification & More

We are at your service to accomplish any of the following for you:

Residential and Commercial

  • Preventative maintenance on your air quality/cooling system to help avoid breakdowns.
  • Diagnosis and repair of all makes and models of equipment with the goal of providing the most cost effective solutions for you.
  • Design of air distribution systems for energy optimization and noise mitigation. We like it efficient and quiet.
  • Cleaning of air distribution system components to maximize efficiency and air quality of your current system.
  • Make your environment clean and pure through air filtration, purification, mold reduction, ventilation, and dehumidification components.
  • When your system finally needs replacement we will recommend and install the right system for you and your budget.

New Construction

  • Consultation with architects and designers to develop the most efficient plans and specifications.
  • Work with General Contractors to implement the most effective and cost efficient methods to achieve the objectives of the system.
  • Provide ongoing maintenance of the systems installed to maximize their productivity and life span.

and most of all… We do THE RIGHT THING for our clients!  Call Kinetic Air Today.

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Customer Service

In the business of HVAC, rarely do you come across a company that offers Concierge-level service, which means a higher echelon of treatment, a finer quality of service, and tried and true pricing that is guaranteed.

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Air Services

  • Maintenance of your existing air system equipment
  • Repair Service for all makes and models
  • Design for energy optimization and noise mitigation
  • Installation of new systems and products
  • Assessments of home air systems
  • Cleaning of air distribution system components
  • Implementation of air filtration, purification, ventilation, and dehumidification

Contact Details

Address: 8270 Blaikie Ct.
Sarasota, FL 34240

P.O. Box: 22 Nokomis, Fl. 34274

hone: (941) 748-8848

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