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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Air In My Home Really That Much Of a Concern?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ranked indoor air pollution among the top 5 environmental dangers to the public. While Kinetic Air Services certainly has the Master Technicians, trained Comfort Advisors and office support staff to take care of your heating and cooling needs, we want to provide our clients with so much more… Proper air exchange, filtration, and purification is key to improving indoor air quality and providing a healthy living “in”vironment. Our focus is on providing the educational tools, dependable service, and tailored, affordable solutions to meet all of your air service needs.


What Filters Do I Need In My System?

The simplest first step in improving your home air filtration is to change whatever filters you currently have more frequently; our scheduled service membership is designed to ensure that this and other critical maintenance services are not overlooked. The next step in assessing your filtration needs is dependent upon your particular system design and personal home health issues. Our comfort advisors can review your individual needs and help you lay out a plan to achieve your indoor air quality goals.


What Brands of Equipment do you Sell?

While most companies in the industry have specific manufacturer ties (i.e. they sell one brand or another because of “dealership” contracts), Kinetic was built on a core belief in providing our clients the best products for their individual circumstance and specific application. We have the ability to procure any brand of equipment on your behalf and we will be glad to review our current best product recommendations with you based upon your individual circumstances.

Customer Service

In the business of HVAC, rarely do you come across a company that offers Concierge-level service, which means a higher echelon of treatment, a finer quality of service, and tried and true pricing that is guaranteed.

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Air Services

  • Maintenance of your existing air system equipment
  • Repair Service for all makes and models
  • Design for energy optimization and noise mitigation
  • Installation of new systems and products
  • Assessments of home air systems
  • Cleaning of air distribution system components
  • Implementation of air filtration, purification, ventilation, and dehumidification

Contact Details

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