First of all a little primer on the size of the particles in your air best exemplified by this pictorial:


So the typical air conditioning system with a conventional filter only attacks the items above 10 microns. But 98% of the particles in your air are smaller than that and those are the harmful ones!!!

Is it hopeless? Not if you have an air services firm that understands how to tailor a system that will protect your home from all of the creepy critters that pose the most harm to your air. This is not just for those who desire a “green home”…it is needed for everyone who considers their families respiratory health to be important.

Follow our blog series as we present the solutions to address:

~Particles (.3 – 1 micron)
~Viruses, bacteria and other living organisms-MOLD!
~Gases and odors

We have an air purification tool for each. Stay tuned!

Customer Service

In the business of HVAC, rarely do you come across a company that offers Concierge-level service, which means a higher echelon of treatment, a finer quality of service, and tried and true pricing that is guaranteed.

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Air Services

  • Maintenance of your existing air system equipment
  • Repair Service for all makes and models
  • Design for energy optimization and noise mitigation
  • Installation of new systems and products
  • Assessments of home air systems
  • Cleaning of air distribution system components
  • Implementation of air filtration, purification, ventilation, and dehumidification

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