The fact is that 98% of the particles that are most injurious to your health are too small for your standard air conditioning filter to capture.

So what to do….CHARGE!!!

Electronic air filters capture particles that are as small as .3 microns (in technical terms REAL SMALL!). How? They use a 24 volt current to establish a polarized electric field around your filter media. In effect the polarization attracts the icky particles much like a magnet.

You have to see it to believe it! Go to (1:11) in the video…it’s amazing!

So much of the food source for mold is eradicated by Electronic Air Cleaners. Call us to learn more! We are more than your HVAC company; we go beyond cooling to bring you a green home.

Next in the series..using UVC lamps to virtually sterilize the living creepy crawlers in your air.

Customer Service

In the business of HVAC, rarely do you come across a company that offers Concierge-level service, which means a higher echelon of treatment, a finer quality of service, and tried and true pricing that is guaranteed.

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Air Services

  • Maintenance of your existing air system equipment
  • Repair Service for all makes and models
  • Design for energy optimization and noise mitigation
  • Installation of new systems and products
  • Assessments of home air systems
  • Cleaning of air distribution system components
  • Implementation of air filtration, purification, ventilation, and dehumidification

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